Lost in Monumento


I was at Monumento late afternoon yesterday. Was trying to find a place where I need to be, to see what I need to see. Then I realized, I was not supposed to be in Monumento, I need to be in Balintawak, for the place I was looking for is at A. Bonifacio. Oh well, might as well take this shot.

Bonifacio Monument at Grace Park, Caloocan City

Bonifacio Monument at Grace Park, Caloocan City

And, if ever you are wondering, yes, I was able to find the place i’m looking for .. 🙂


Shooting Information:

Equipment used:  Canon EOS 60D // 18-135mm 3.5 IS // images shot in raw, edited in Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Nix Software Plugin – Define, Viveza and Color Efex  used

Place: Monumento, Grace Park Roundabout, Caloocan City

Time: 5:10pm to 5:15pm

*** Monumento refers to Andres Bonifacio’s monument, located in Grace Park, Caloocan City



8 thoughts on “Lost in Monumento

  1. Hi Aye, I like this photo of Monumento. Can I have your permission to use the photo for a blog series I’m preparing at my website MightyRasing.com? I will overlay some text on the photo, but I will put a watermark that acknowledges you as the owner of the photo. Will that be okay?.


  2. Hi Aye, good morning. I am Daniel Herrera from Victory Caloocan may I have permission to use your picture to be used in our worship service announcement? Thank you


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